The story of ordinary lives lived in extraordinary times

Funded by Cork City Council, the People’s Archive explores, celebrates and documents Cork City’s revolutionary story through the photos, stories, objects and items of those who lived it.


The People’s Archive is a community-based project which provides a platform for the people of Cork to share personal stories, photographs, letters, objects and items celebrating every day life in Cork between 1913 and 1923.

During this time of great challenges and strife, Cork City played a pivotal role in our country’s fight for freedom. This period produced some outstanding individuals – the two Lord Mayors, Tomás Mac Curtain and Terence MacSwiney, the Wallace sisters, Tadhg Barry, Birdie Conway, Mary Bowles and Liam de Róiste who chronicled the period in his diaries, and many others.

What is most important about the Decade of Centenaries in Cork, and throughout Ireland, is the need to understand what happened, and why.  We need to understand what motivated these individuals, to learn from their writings and actions.

We commemorate these events not merely to remember them, and certainly not to rake over old wounds, but rather to learn from the men and women of that era, whose vision and sacrifice gave our generation, and generations to follow, the freedom we now take for granted.

Help document, preserve and celebrate Cork City’s revolutionary story

The-Revolutionist – A Play in 5 Acts by Terence MacSwiney

The People’s Archive is a collection of stories, photographs, pictures, items and objects that tell Cork’s revolutionary story as we commemorate its centenary. We welcome the submission of materials including – but not limited to – photos, letters, mementos, brochures, booklets, advertisements, postcards, stories, songs, objects of note. With permission, donated material will be photographed or recorded and added to the People’s Archive, helping tell the story of ordinary Cork people living in extraordinary times.

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A hundred years ago may seem a far distant time, but it is recent enough for its photos, objects, items, and memories to survive. Inherited stories and traditions live on in memories and minds; they should be recorded before they are lost to us.

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A City Remembers… take a step back in time and watch the history of Cork come to life through video, imagery, behind-the-scenes tours and interviews as we gain a deeper understanding of how Irish society has been shaped by the past.

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Explore the range of commemorative exhibitions and programme of events across Cork City from the Cork Public Museum to the Cork City and County Archives to Crawford Art Gallery to Nano Nagle Place to the Glucksman plus much more.